The Burroughs Difference

Technology Done Better

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The Technology Lifecycle

Every company that uses technology finds itself somewhere in the continuous loop of the Technology Lifecycle. At Burroughs, we help customers navigate the constantly-changing technology landscape, maximizing their investment through world-class service, hardware and software. Burroughs Does Technology Better.

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Find Solution

Burroughs understands technology isn’t a one-size fits all proposition. With our design and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to make our customers’ ideas a reality. From custom manufacturing to the design of tailored support services solutions, at Burroughs, we put customer needs first.

Purchase: Warehousing & Fulfillment

With over 800,000 square feet of warehouse space and stocking locations throughout the United States, Burroughs helps manage the logistics of large rollouts so customers can continue to manage their business uninterrupted.

Professional Services

Burroughs professional services team provides turnkey support for customers when implementing new technology or transitioning to Burroughs field service. We understand implementation is a critical part of technology adoption and put our customers in a position to leverage their investment on day one.

Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Maximizing investment in technology requires consistent and reliable field service. At Burroughs, we take pride in employing over 500 professionals in the field and in our corporate offices focused on the delivery of best-in-class service. We don’t just stand behind our products, we come to you.

Project & Process Improvement

There comes a time in the technology lifecycle to upgrade or improve infrastructure or service coverage. Burroughs is here to help. From product design improvement to process reengineering, we leverage our comprehensive suite of capabilities to help customers lower operating costs and create opportunities to capture incremental revenue.

Recovery & Reclamation

Burroughs understands the value of a dollar. We help customers realize value from outdated technology through the recovery of precious metals and other valuable components which they can use to mitigate the upfront cost of future investment. Additionally, as a green company, we recycle and discard waste products in an environmentally responsible fashion.