Cash Automation - Grocery Line of Business

Grocers Reduce Cash Handling Labor

Automation of the back room cash can save the typical grocery or retailer 2-4 hours per day in labor. In place of manual counting of tills at end –of-shift and manual till creation, (usually by a senor cash handler) cashiers insert their till cash into the safe and let the safe count the cash, accurately every time. A receipt and stored data provides the balancing information. Till creation at beginning of shift is just as easy, the cashier enters their unique number and the safe dispenses the pre-determined amount of currency and coin for that cashier. Safe content data is also updated. 

The store re-uses coin, 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, reducing change order frequency, fees and costs.

The simplicity of the workflow allows cashiers to stop counting cash, and provides complete accountability of cash. The solution works for clients with or without armored carriers. Checks can also be scanned for bank deposit. 

Grocers Stop Counting Cash - Find out how pdf file

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