Cash Automation & Intelligent Safe Maintenance

Burroughs not only provides maintenance services to banks and credit unions. Convenience stores, retailers and restaurants can improve their overall cash management process with cash automation services by Burroughs. Remote cash capture with SmartCash networked intelligent safe technology combines deposit and withdrawal technology for your business to increase cash flow, improve overall security, and help enhance accuracy and cashier productivity. Cash automation helps retailers deposit cash in their commercial accounts without leaving the storefront. Burroughs not only assists businesses in implementing a cash automation strategy using one of our Intelligent Safe solutions, but we also maintain and support that technology. Learn more about a maintenance agreement with Burroughs for your remote cash capture technology, or explore the Burroughs cash dispenser and recycler products that may be right for your business.

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Intelligent Safe Maintenance: Why Burroughs?

Burroughs supports more than 15,000 intelligent safe solutions across the U.S. each year. Our years of experience put us at the forefront of remote cash capture technology, and we are capable of supporting any cash automation model, make or manufacturer. In addition, our engineers and technicians are fast, reliable, and average more than 20 years of experience in financial hardware maintenance and ATM support.

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The Burroughs Advantage
  • Support for over 30 TCR & TCD models
  • Service for over 2,500 community bank & credit union customers 
  • TCR equipment refurbishment & trade-in
  • Robust parts & service supply chain
  • Support for multi-vendor teller cash automation solutions
  • Implementation & Use training services