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Burroughs Store has the industry’s most comprehensive range of power products and solutions to protect sensitive data processing, electronic equipment and desktop applications up and running.

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Products Include


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Power Protection CatalogSuperUser Account 5/15/2012UnknownDownload
UPS Power Protection SolutionsMarcie Caie 5/15/2012161.39 KBDownload
Surge Suppressor SolutionsMarcie Caie 5/15/2012187.74 KBDownload
UP1100 Workstation Surge ProtectorMarcie Caie 5/15/2012108.05 KBDownload
Zone Barrier and Zone DefenderMarcie Caie 5/15/2012138.12 KBDownload
Power Protection Products and Consulting SolutionsMarcie Caie 5/15/2012UnknownDownload