In addition to training and technical support, service excellence requires that field engineers have access to the best diagnostics and parts available. 

Burroughs continues to have significant focus and investment in these areas to maintain high levels of service for our clients and their end customers.


With a wide array of supply chain vendors/partners supporting our acquisition of parts, Burroughs’ ability to control our end-to-end supply chain is strong and effective with consistent quality control standards.

Burroughs elected to invest in an independent and certified repair operation, which has been inspected and certified many times by OEM auditors.  Service-focused to ensure that we maintain control of our own repairable inventory, we manage repair quality and spare parts availability better than other providers.  We continue to maintain and improve upon this process today, with detailed quality control analysis and review.




Burroughs works with both original and third-party diagnostics for OEM equipment to help in the isolation of faults.  Our selected solution works on both current generation as well as legacy equipment.


Our Mission: Serving our customers with professionalism and integrity – Fostering an environment of collaboration and teamwork – Investing in our employees – Creating value for our shareholders.

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