Solving Your Cash Automation Needs 


Burroughs has an ATM solution which works for any deployment need, from simple cash dispensing to imaging with bulk cash and check acceptance.  We offer both new and refurbished ATMs.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a different type of ATM, or a different platform, but have worried about the ability to support more than one manufacturer’s device, talk to us.  Burroughs can work with you to deploy a pilot which allows you to compare them in a real-world environment.  Don’t be trapped by past decisions!

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Financial Teller Cash Recyclers

Burroughs offers recycling solutions which transform retail banking at your financial institution.  Grow your revenue and profit, speed up the time a routine transaction takes, and improve your cash security.

We support adapting to your needs and systems with a variety of integration choices, including soft, middleware, and direct.  Contact us to learn more!

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Branch Transformation

Financial institutions across North America are looking for ways to improve the customer experience within the branch while controlling costs.  Universal bankers, teller pods, recycling technology and expanded hours represent a few of the changes in the industry.

Technology plays a role in this metamorphosis.  If you are looking for ways to incorporate technology without losing the friendly atmosphere in your branches, contact us.  We have solutions which can integrate with your core and ATM switch to offer expanded transaction sets in an assisted self-service environment.  Unlike traditional video tellers, these solutions offer video on-demand but allow the customer to complete transactions without assistance as desired.

We welcome the opportunity to share more information with you.  Please contact us today.

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Business Server Solutions

Application Servers & Storage Servers

Burroughs Application and Storage Servers stand above the competition on their own merits, by delivering industry-leading performance at competitive prices.

Why Choose Burroughs Servers?

  • First to market in your industry
  • Best price/performance ratios
  • High availability
  • Extensive portfolio of products – standard or custom configurations

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Our Mission: Serving our customers with professionalism and integrity – Fostering an environment of collaboration and teamwork – Investing in our employees – Creating value for our shareholders.

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