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Retail Currency and Coin Recyclers

We offer multiple solutions for handling cash and coin in the back room environment, enabling users to create and close out tills in a fraction of the time.  This workflow frees up cash, saves labor and increases customer service by redeploying back room resources.

  • Receive deposit credit — 2-3 days sooner for cash in the safe
  • Save labor — 30 minutes per till per day
  • Reduce cash losses — both internal and external
  • Shrink armored carrier costs — fewer visits, fees and change orders
  • Get cash visibility — forecast and optimize cash in stores
  • Make remote check deposits — scan checks, eliminate trips to the bank

Smart Safe Technology and Cache2Cash® – a Total Networked Solution


  • Better cash flow
  • Simpler balancing
  • No trips to the bank for deposits
  • Remote reporting for audit, balancing and analysis by
    • Loss Prevention
    • Operations
    • Finance
  • Checks can also be scanned and credited
  • POS Integration
  • Early ROI

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